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Goes’T Vape Cleaner

KategoriVape Cleaner
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KodeGoes'T Vape Cleaner
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Goes’T Vape Cleaner

Good Vape Cleaner for Good Health

When it comes to being healthier while vaping, it’s always a good idea for someone to stick to one flavor, and not blend them together, as that just means the vaper is smoking even more chemicals. As Human mentions above, if someone wants to vape, going for unflavored e-juices is best.

Many vapers switch between e-juice flavors, sometimes going from something fruity, to something more savory, and back again. But not everyone remembers to clean out their tank before switching flavors, which can not only result in a bad taste, but also the blending of different types of juices.

Benefit and uses

  • to clean liquid in the coil or in RDA, for make better liquid taste
  • make coil life more longer
  • clean the part of vape in the part that are hard to clean
  • clear up the bad smell
  • clear the residual carbon on the RDA and coil
  • can use for cleanning the MOD


  • ekstrak vegetable
  • Sulfaktan non tonik
  • alkohol organik on base misel koloid water
  • asam amino
  • alkanolimina

Free pouch & Fiber cleaning cloth


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